Food Industry

Grease Trap Interceptors

 We are in the business of pumping and recycling grease trap waste.  We offer extremely competitive prices and the most environmentally friendly method for recycling of grease trap waste in Oregon.  We have a sealed twelve million gallon lagoon system in which we process many types of waste water.     

In the summertime we use the waste water to fertilize and irrigate our farm.  Our farm produces hay, silage, grass seed and feed for cattle, sheep and horses.  All this is done without affecting the waters of the State.  

Most grease trap waste collected by other companies is dewatered and the effluent is flushed into our rivers.  The solids are taken to the landfill.  We, unlike other companies, take what is a negative to our streams and landfills and turn it into a positive for agriculture. 

We can supply brochures to display in your place of business that show how your table scraps are used to produce animal feed. In conclusion, we feel we can provide this superior method of disposal for less than you are paying now.

Other Food Waste Disposal

We will meet with you to determine your  needs.  You can contact Dick Heard at (541) 430-3793 or email us at to see how we can save you money! 

We are here to help you dispose of your food waste.

Our  twelve million gallon sealed lagoon system is designed to handle your  food waste.  We offer grease trap disposal and other food processing  waste disposal.