Municipal Services - Waste Water

We pick up cake from municipalities in Oregon and haul the bi-solid to our facility for disposal.

Let Us Help You Serve Your Community

Since each facility has unique needs we will meet with you to determine your exact needs and set up a schedule that works best for you.


We offer services to dredge any lagoon system or clean any digester.


Our facility can dispose of your cake bio-solid.  We offer pick up services or you can deliver it to us.  

Liquid Bio-solid

Liquid bio-solid pickup and disposal, or we will land apply to your site.


To get started, contact our office and they will put you in contact with one of our specialists.  

Bi-solid disposal for municipalities in Oregon

We serve municipalities through out the State of Oregon.  We pick up their cake and haul the bi-solid to our facility for disposal.

Bi-solid cake being dumped into the unloading area. 

Re-hydration of cake  bio-solid prior to entry into lagoon. 

We take the hassle out of bi-solid disposal for you!